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     Do you want to learn to slay your brows or even learn to slay other people brows? Do you wish you could take an eyebrow class, but can’t find the extra time to fit it in your busy schedule? Well, now we offer our “Bomb Ass Brow” class online via webinar.

     Once you have booked your online class, I will email you a list of supplies that I use to achieve my flawless brows. You can purchase the items I use on my eyebrows, or use what products you already have at home. In the online class, you will learn the importance of having a good skincare routine. You will learn tools and techniques for achieving a perfect brow arch. Finally, understand products and techniques to fill-in the perfect brow.  

     Understand that just like my in-person classes; I will make sure that you fully understand the process of achieving the perfect and flawless eyebrow. I will not only email you the supply list, but you will also get the handouts that I provide in my class. The handouts will give you information on what you will learn in the class, and that you can refer back to if you forget anything. You also have the option just like my physical class to take the online class 1 on 1, or if you have friends that want to take it with as a group online, we can make that happen!

     The class will be $50 for 2-hours, and if additional time is needed, that can be arranged. If for any reason you feel that the online class helped but you want to be hands-on with me and take a physical class in a classroom setting, you can do that as a follow-up class for $25. For your convenience, we also offer starter kits with makeup brushes. Now you don’t have to worry about missing out on the “Bomb Ass Brow” class all you have to do is book now, and let me teach you how to slay those brows hunni!


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Once you have paid for your class you can text your email address to (404) 682-6671. I will send your supply list and handout to your email. This is where I will send the invite to you so that you can join the webinar when we have chose the date and time.

Classes are non-refundable.


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