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Hello Ladies...are YouTube tutorials just not doing it for you...have you watched YouTube tutorials and Facebook live videos and still seem to not be able to perfect and fleek your brows? Lets's Slay these brows...want to learn how to do your brows? With hands on...step by step instructions? Want to have that Instagram, MUA professional look? Have no worries or questions or doubts and book your seat with eyebrow extraordinaire Ms. Browtastic. You will recieve a 4 hour, hands on full brow experience. For a small fee of $50...not ONLY will you learn how to perfect and slay your brows in a laid back environment, but you will have a on hand model to perfect your new gift on...yes you read right. You will now be able to slay you friends and family. You can book a one on one with instructor Keda through the week or Join the small class of 6 every Saturday and Sunday. Don't worry if you can't learn it all in one class...I do offer follow up classes for $25...so save your seat by booking today!

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If you are interested in booking a 1 on 1 class during the week...a 1 on 2 with a bestie...or you even want to put your own group together of up to 6 friends...all you have to do is email me through this form...and i will gladly set it up to work with your schedule!

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